IT outsourcing

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We share our know-how with you

Outsourcing can be translated freely as transferring the internal activities of a company not related to its core business to an external entity. The term IT outsourcing further specifies the range of services the company transfers to an external entity. In case you decide to outsource your IT activities, you should make sure that these services are provided by one entity that will fully cover all your needs in this area.

The goal and the biggest advantage of outsourcing IT activities is considerable cost savings, as well as much higher expertise, information security, and professionalism of company IT activities.

The first step is always a complete audit. It is necessary to determine the status of workstations, servers and other IT devices. On the basis of the findings, we will propose an equipment management plan and, together with the client, agree on the next steps.

If the status is satisfactory, we can go straight to keeping all IT devices in a trouble-free way. If the IT status of the device is found to be inappropriate, we will propose the necessary measures. Their realization depends on the client’s requirements as well as on the financial possibilities. However, you can be sure that the solutions offered by us are as efficient as possible, with a high emphasis on safety but economic at the same time.

After applying the agreed changes and staff training, we can move on to keeping the entire system running smoothly. At the maintenance stage, we apply internal procedures such as workstation security policies, servers, and other measures that resolve the emerging issues (whether hardware or software) very quickly. We regularly audit IT systems.